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Beat the Heat


The scorching hot days and muggy nights are about to return. But that doesn’t mean that you have to sweat or sacrifice in order to be energy-efficient.

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Don’t pay a fortune this summer

And just like that…it is summer-like weather in PA again and I love it! I find it much easier to cool off in the summer than warm up in winter, you just have to know how to do it the right way…

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10 Energy Efficient Ways to Stay Cool

As a Project Envolve Ambassador I continue to learn about energy efficiency and how to save money on our utilities bills. I love sharing these tips with you, especially during this time of year, summertime (yay!), when we’re HOT and trying to stay cool without spending a small fortune on the electric bill to air condition the house.

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10 Summer Energy Savings Tips (and 5 Summer Drink Ideas!)

It’s time for another Project Envolve mission, and our goal this month is to give you tips on how to cut your electric usage and save money on your energy bill during the hottest days of the year. As much as I love the summer season, I don’t love the way running our air conditioners drives up our expenses. Our ACs are dinosaurs, and not very efficient at all, so I used to be afraid to even open our bill. But not anymore! We’ve been using most of the energy savings tips below, and they’re helping us keep our cool all summer long.

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10 Ways to Keep Cool in Summer

Our top 10 ways to keep cool in the summer without a sky high energy bill!

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Affordable ways to be efficient this summer

Summer’s forecast: It’s going to be a sizzler! The scorching hot days and muggy nights have returned. But that doesn’t mean you have to sweat or sacrifice in order to be energy-efficient. It may be hard to believe, but you CAN keep your cool AND save on your energy bill! It’s easy! Start by following some of my simple tips– it will give you the knowledge you need to beat the summer heat!

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Dear Hubby: Please read these energy-saving summer tips.

Each summer, there’s a power struggle in our house between my husband and I. No, I’m not talking about a battle over who gets to pick the amusement park (that’s easy…. our four-year-old picks), I’m talking about a true power struggle over electricity usage.

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Home Energy Saving Checklist

Did you know you can make your home more energy efficient even during the hot and humid summer?

My husband has been on a mission to make our home more energy efficient. He’s been researching ways to save money and energy on cooling and heating our home. And, he’s been tackling different energy-saving projects for several months now and the savings are really starting to show.

Here are some of the things we’ve been doing to save energy (and money!).

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Saving Money and Energy at Home

Beat the Heat but don’t break the bank! Forecast is calling for a hot summer in NEPA, but you don’t have to sacrifice keeping cool in order to be energy-efficient. As a frugal mom, I am always looking for ways to save money. As I stated last month, efficient cooking habits are a huge part of that plan but so is cutting the cost of everyday bills. I have partnered with PPL Electric Utilities to share some cooling tips that won’t make you sweat over the bills. Just because you’re cooling your home more efficiently doesn’t mean that you need to sacrifice your comfort. We want to show you how much better it will feel when you’re saving money too!

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Simple Summer Tricks

Can I just say that I am totally excited that Summer is upon us. While the calendar says there are still 20 more days to go, in my planner, it is summer. I love Summer for so many reasons. Except for one thing:

The heat! Not so much because it is hot, but because of the amount of energy it takes to keep my family cool during those warm Summer days. And I plan to beat the heat this summer with a few simple tricks

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