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Get Back On Track


All the craziness of the holidays is bound to get even the most organized momma’s off-track. If the “most wonderful time of the year” left you drained and disorganized, you’re not alone.

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Making the Most of Your Freezer Space

One thing I strongly suggest doing is writing out the entire name of the item you’re freezing, the weight and the date it was frozen. This is essential to making sure you’re not left shuffling past a bag of frozen meat time and time again because you’re not sure whether it’s chicken, fish or pork.

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5 Tips to Get Your Budget Back On Track!

Did you know that your freezer works more efficiently when it is packed as full as possible? It’s true, so having a full freezer not only helps you save money on food costs, it also helps you save money on your electric costs as well.

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Your New Favorite Energy Saving Slow Cooker Fiesta Chicken Recipe

Easy crock pot recipes are an essential tool in any busy mom’s toolbox. This recipe for Slow Cooker Mexican Fiesta Chicken is one of those easy recipes and healthy meals that comes together in a snap and is easy on the waistline!

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Indulge Yourself In this Easy Strawberry Cheesecake Dip

As you know from a few previous energy efficiency posts, we PE bloggers are big fans of slow cooker recipes. Why? Because they save energy, as well as time. And, after making a new year’s resolution to spend more quality time with my family and then falling short of that already, the slow cooker is one secret weapon I can’t live without.

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Finding Balance with New Years Resolutions

The holidays were absolutely crazy for my family between Christmas shopping, visiting family, cooking and baking and running the kids to and from practice from holiday plays and concerts. The kids were off from school, but it seemed to be that we had something planned every day of break. So, we and we have spent the majority of our weekends in the new year catching up on quality family time.

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Easy Slow Cooker Tomato Soup

One of the easiest ways to put savings into action after the New Year, is to start using the slow cooker more! The smells a slow cooker put off cannot even compare to cooking something on the stovetop! Slow cookers use less energy than a conventional oven or stovetop, and then you aren’t using lots of pots and pans either. Especially if you lose a slow cooker liner, clean-up is a snap, which leaves more time for family game night!

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New Year, New Resolution Tips

Check-in time. How are those resolutions coming? I know, don’t even ask. I’m struggling over here. But, the year is still young, and it’s never too late to get ourselves back on track. So let’s do it!

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Crazy Holiday Season? Here’s How to Get Back On Track

I’ve finally caught my breath. Not, I’m not talking about chasing my five-year-old through a crowded department store at the height of holiday shopping season (although that did happen). I’m talking about finally getting back on track after the holidays.
If you find yourself still struggling to catch your post-holiday breath — and save electricity — today’s blog entry is for you.

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Quality Family Time Ideas

How can you combine spending quality family time with saving money? I am so glad that you asked! There are lots of great family activities you can do, and many of them don’t require any electricity at all! Most are fairly inexpensive as well, and need very little prep time!

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