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Grill season is upon us and for the resident grill master, there’s nothing better than kicking back, relaxing and firing up the grill at the end of the day for some good barbecue.

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5 Ways to Save Money with Summer Meals

If you’re looking to save money this summer, look no further than your kitchen. What you buy, cook and eat can really impact your summer expenses, from your grocery bill to your utilities. It’s all about seasonal food and how your cooking method can help you save money on your summer electric bill, so I’m offering up my best tips, along with some from our team.

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Grill Your Way To Savings

My husband has been anxiously awaiting the arrival of the grilling box of goodies. A few weeks ago, that box arrived. One peek inside and my husband’s face lit up! “It’s grilling stuff” he exclaimed, looking like a kid on Christmas morning as he tore into the box’s contents and took each item out. Yes, he was happy, and I was happy for him.

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17 Unique Grilling Recipes + Save Money Grilling

We grill all the time in the summer, and really all year round. It’s our favorite way to cook the most flavorful food but I’ll be honest, I also love it because of the easy clean up! The best is when you can get the entire meal on the grill, so I’ve gathered up 17 of the most unique grilling recipes, some things you might not have known you can cook on the grill!

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Chili Lime Pork Recipe

This chili lime pork recipe can be prepared in so many ways, but our favorite is to grill it! Alright, let’s be honest here. My favorite way to cook practically anything is to grill it. No pans, less dishes to wash, doesn’t heat the house up… and my husband enjoys getting involved too! I should get an “I love grilling!” bumper sticker.

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Balsamic Caprese Burger Grilling 101

Grilling burgers is the best way to bring out the flavor of burgers. My family and I love to grill — all year long.

Grilling is more efficient and uses less energy than using your stovetop or oven. Plus, it helps keep your home cooler by not adding extra heat from the stove or oven.

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The Benefits of Grilling

Our summer has been a bit finicky. One moment it has been beyond hot, the next it is rainy and cold. In any case, I really don’t want to spend a lot of time in the kitchen. So I decided I am going to help you to grill your way to energy savings. Grilling is as old as time. And one of the best ways to bring out the flavor in meats.

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Garlic Steak Pinwheels and Grilling Efficiency

Did you know that grilling is energy efficient? That’s right, by grilling outside not only are you preparing great food but you are also helping your energy bills stay lower. Plus, grilling uses less dishes so you don’t have to run the dishwasher or use hot water to wash pots and pans!

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Chilling And Grilling: Save Money By Grilling!

Grill season is here, for us it started as soon as the snow melted and will last through until the snow comes back. The smell of grilled food just travels through the air on warm summer nights and it’s contagious. Think about it.

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BBQ Bacon Swiss Burger + Grilling Tips

Our family loves to grill. We have a covered back porch and grill year round, but even so mostly associate grilled food with summer-time as we love things like grilled corn and zucchini, staples of our road-side stands here in South Central PA.

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