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Looking Back at My Savings Journey


Summer is FINALLY here!! If you’re like us, being cooped up indoors is a recipe for serious cabin fever. Which means it’s time to break out the beach towels, smother on the sunscreen and enjoy the magnificent outdoors. This does present the perfect chance for us all to reflect. So consider this mission a walk down memory lane on how Project Envolve has had an impact on us, our families and our wallets!

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10 Tips To Beat The Heat

Here in NEPA, we have gone from cold and rainy to HOT,HOT, HOT in a few days! Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining, I LOVE the warm weather but I know that a lot of people don’t feel that way and I know that higher temps can wreak havoc on electric bills so I have compiled 10+ Tips to Beat the Heat.

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How To Save Money On Your Electric Bill

Utility bills can be the pits sometimes. It’s one of those bills that you have to pay and it’s not going to go away, like a credit card bill would if you paid it off, so finding ways to SAVE on it is always important to me.

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7 Practical Energy Efficiency Tips (That I Actually Use)

I’m sharing the things I really do on a regular basis. These are easy, inexpensive, and legitimately cut my utility bills. Consider it my greatest hits of energy efficiency! See which ones appeal to you and give them a whirl this summer. You might not be so scared of your next electric bill!

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Energy-Saving Tips For Summer

I’ve been working with my local electric company for the past few years to bring you guys ideas and guidelines for how to lower your electric bill. So while most of these tips are repeats, I thought it would be nice to have it all in one spot as a quick reference guide!

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Energy Savings: Kids Edition

The best way to leave a better planet behind for our kids is to teach them how to take care of it themselves, right? When you know better, you do better, and Project Envolve has definitely taught my whole family a whole lot of “better” when it comes to saving money, energy, and our environment.

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The Top Tips From My Project Envolve Journey

Amidst all of the day-to-day madness, this has been one of the energy-savingest years in recent memory. I owe that savings to the folks at Project Envolve, which is sponsored by PPL Electric Utilities.

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My Savings Journey With Project Envolve

Here are some of my favorite tips from the past year with Project Envolve

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Ultimate Guide To Home Energy Savings

These tips are easy to implement and can end up saving you money on your home energy bills. Here is a list of all of the tips that were shared this year by myself and other Project Envolve Ambassadors.

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