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Unplugged family fun


This mission, we challenged our bloggers to unplug and enjoy a night of family fun outside with minimal electricity. They decked out their yards with energy-efficient outdoor lights and discovered a whole bunch of brilliant ways to have fun – old school.

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It shouldn’t really come as much surprise to me that my 10 year old daughter can’t really do anything simply. If I ask her to help with dinner, we suddenly have a 5 course meal with hand-written menus. If I bring her along shopping, it suddenly turns into a mass back-to-school shopping expedition where she gets more than I do. And if I tell her we’re going to have some friends over for an unplugged night of outdoor fun, it suddenly turns into a NEED to redecorate her playhouse!

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It’s Time for an Unplugged Family Night

You know, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and blogs are all nice, but don’t you ever wish you could just unplug from the outside world and focus on some quality family time once in a while? I’m talking about turning off your phone and all other electronic distractions, forgetting about social media feeds, and just enjoying the moment happening right in front of you.

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Ways to Save Money and Be Energy Efficient

I am always looking for ways to save money and be energy efficient, especially in the summer when the days are longer and it is light outside later. l love that my family can get unplug, get outside and not be tied to the electronics inside our house.

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How to Plan an Electricity-Free Outdoor Party

Ah, summer. I do love you…for a while. The freedom from the alarm clock and from packing school lunch every day is a super win in my book. But by this time, late summer, I’m starting to yearn for some structure again. My kids have started to lose interest in entertaining themselves and more often than I’d care to admit I’m telling them to shut down the Kindles and turn off the TV. And if I’m being honest, I have no room to talk. My laptop and phone are usually pretty close to wherever I am.

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