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PPL Power Hour


We wanted to kick off this season right, so we’ve brewed up a fun, quick activity you can do with your whole family. It’s called the Power Hour challenge, and the idea behind it is simple: just spend an hour without using any power.

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25 Super Fun Unplugged Activities For Kids

Here are 25 Super Fun Unplugged Activities for Kids that are perfect for tech-free time, snow days and rainy days. These boredom busters are sure to keep you kids entertained.

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50 Ways to Unplug With Your Kids

As a mom of 2 young kids that like to play on their iPods, beat their video games, and watch their favorite shows, the battle of the screen is always in my face. We set time limits like most families but pretty soon, “There’s nothing to do” is echoing through the house. Unplugging for me means putting allll the devices away (mine included – I have my phone and laptop close at hand more than I should).

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Have you ever thought about what you would do in an hour without power? We are so convenienced with excellent electricity providers and overcoming generators in our world today, that we hardly think of the possibility of not even using power for an hour. In fact we typically have to make it a choice and commitment to have an hour without power.

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Easy Ways to Unplug with your Kids: Power Hour Challenge

My family is coming off a couple of fun, but busy weeks. My kids are swimmers and we had their championship meet this past weekend so we were out of town. Prior to that we had been logging hours at the pool getting ready for the meet, so when I was challenged to participate in the PPL Power Hour Challenge I jumped at the choice to slow down, unplug and reconnect with my family.

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don’t know about you, but I am totally excited about the evenings becoming longer. I totally enjoy being outside as much as possible when it starts to get warm. For one thing, it means that I can turn off the heat. And we all know that turning off the heat means a lower electric bill.

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Usually when you think of Family Game Nights, you think of little kids playing Chutes & Ladders with Mom and Dad. We’re about a decade past that stage, but that doesn’t mean Family Game Night has to disappear! So when PPL Electric Utilities asked if they could partner with me to show different ways to have fun with the family without using electricity, I knew this would be a great chance to show how to have a Family Game Night Teen-Style!

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Lessons Learned from Our PPL Power Hour Challenge… And Why You Should Have One

“TURN OFF YOUR LIGHTS!!!” That phrase might as well be my Mom Anthem. I say it so many times, and I am keeping the faith that one of these days (weeks.. months… years…) it will become something that the kids do not need to be reminded to do.

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For our first mission of the year, our team of ambassadors has been given the Power Hour Challenge. In a nutshell, that means spending an hour without using any power, and seeing if maybe our readers will do the same! It’s something everyone can do to cut energy usage, and it’s a great way to get into the habit of looking for fun family activities that don’t require electricity or rely on a screen.

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No Power – No Problem – Create an Energy Efficient Family Fun Evening!

My husband is very aware of the energy our family uses. It’s like having our very own energy efficient police officer in our house. You will never find a light left on if he’s home. If he’s home, he just might follow me around the house turning off lights. All of our lightbulbs were immediately switched to a more energy efficient type when we moved in. He’s committed!

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How do you feel about spending an entire hour with no electricity? There’s no emergency or shortage, just 60 minutes of old-fashioned fun to conserve on your power consumption. It took some coaxing to get my family to participate, but after we started the hour went by quicker than we could have imagined.

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The Power Hour Challenge! #GetEnvolved #PPLPowerHour

What Can You Do with Family During Hour Without Power?

Going through the craziness of the day, we sometimes find downtown while catching up on our smart phones or smart tablets and honestly, our kids are now doing it.

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PPL Power Hour Challenge : One Hour. No Power!

So last week, after dinner we went powerless. We put away our phones, and the television was turned off. The kids and I went from room to room turning off every single light, and we all met back in the living room where a mysterious box sat waiting for us.

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