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This mission focuses on ways to save in the winter – specifically during the holiday season! Discover recipes, lighting and decoration tips from our influencers!

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I’ve been working on some new holiday recipes for this year’s festivities, and today’s icebox cake is among my favorites so far. The best part (besides the bourbon-soaked cookies?) It’s a no-bake dessert, which means less energy usage during the time of year when it can be a challenge to keep those utility bills under control.

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3 Easy Ways to Make Your Holiday Decorating More Energy Efficient

I was so focused on entertaining and gift wrapping and decorating, that I never stopped to think of how all of that extra cooking and decorative illumination would impact my electricity usage. After learning that lesson, I vowed to incorporate some energy efficient practices into my holiday routine.

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Create a Warm and Welcoming Home for the Holidays

With the holidays right around the corner, we are preparing for the busy season of entertaining! We love to host family get-togethers and invite friends over to celebrate the season. We host a cookie exchange each year and usually have family visit from out-of-state. There are several things I like to do to create a warm and welcoming home for the holidays, all while keeping an eye on our energy bill.

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This tutorial for how to make a faux Christmas Garland is perfect for those of you like me who struggle with flower arranging. It is so simple, but looks gorgeous and will last year to year!

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Almost Famous Chili

An easy way to save energy as we head into winter is to use alternate cooking sources. Just as there are many types of chili recipes, there are also several energy efficient ways to prepare chili and other favorite cold-weather recipes.

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Low-Tech Gift Guide for Tweens

‘Tis the season to begin our holiday shopping! This year I am really trying to go low-tech. My kids get so much screen time at school (and at home, I’ll be honest) that I think anything I can do to encourage a little break from that is a good idea. And not only is a break from the electronics good for their little brains (and ahem, some family conversation), but it’s good for my wallet too.

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3 Awesome Ways To Have An Energy-Efficient Holiday Season {Plus Slow Cooker Breakfast Recipe}

One of my favorite things about the holiday season is time spent with family and friends. And the food. And the holiday lights. But these can lead to big energy costs if you aren’t careful with your planning.

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Small Batch Cooking Pecan Pie Recipe

Small Batch Cooking Saves Energy
This was a light bulb moment for me! Why the heck am I heating up the whole oven to make a meal or dessert for two? If you are making a small or medium sized meal, a toaster oven is more energy efficient than using a conventional electric oven. For years, my husband has been talking about buying a toaster oven. I kept putting him off, thinking we didn’t need one more kitchen appliance. Well after a bit of research, I have changed my mind. Small batch cooking in a toaster oven is changing my life.

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Why Plan a Holiday Soup Swap!

Looking for a unique way to get friends together this holiday season? How about hosting a holiday soup swap. Not only will you be able to sample soups, you will be bringing home some of your favorite samples. If you are familiar with a cookie swap, the soup swap works the same way.

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Easy Tips for Stress-Free Entertaining

The holidays are such an expensive time that I like to trim costs wherever I can and that also means when it comes to my energy usage. Between holiday baking and meal preparation, your oven is probably working overtime. Cooking alone accounts for 4.5 percent of your home’s energy use, and when factoring in other kitchen appliances, your kitchen’s energy use can be as high as 15 percent.

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When you think about saving energy in your home over the holidays, you might think about wood stoves, fireplaces, and turning down the heat. But have you ever considered moving your festivities outside? Hosting an outdoor holiday party saves on your energy bill by getting guests out of the house and away from the TV!

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