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PPL Summer Savers


There’s no getting around it: summer is hot. The A.C. is on full blast and is driving up your electricity bill. These tips will help you with ways to save during the summertime.

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Creating A Festive Outdoor Atmosphere With Solar Lights

“Go outside!” You remember your Mom yelling that to you as a kid, and now I find myself doing the same thing with my kids. We’re deep into summer vacation and the boredom factor has set it, and I’m hard at work fighting off the pull of the screens. Going outside is an easy way to make sure we unplug and it’s an easy way to save some money, too.

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Easy Ways To Keep Your House Cool without Air Conditioning

Our house has lots of charm but one thing it doesn’t have is air conditioning and I know from personal experience that hot summers without AC aren’t fun, but after living here for years there are some easy ways that we cool off all summer long.

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No Cook Dinner Recipes

While this summer was pretty rainy, we had a few stretches of hot, humid days. After spending all day outside in the sweltering sun, the last thing I want to think about is turning my stove or oven on to cook dinner. I just couldn’t fathom standing over a hot stove or heating up the kitchen with the oven.

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S’mores Bar Party Ideas

Summer months bring with them heat, swimming, s’mores, heat, high electric bills… because of that heat, and if you’re lucky, lots of get-togethers! We host all kinds of get-togethers over the summer, and these s’mores bar party ideas are a hit no matter the age!

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How to Build a Solar Oven (For Kids)

Energy conservation is a big deal to my budding scientist (he’s 7), although he’s more interested in how we can use different kinds of energy rather than simply using less of it. (He’s not quite as aware of the bill as Mom is.) Every time we see solar panels, he’s quick to point them out, and he often makes me realize how much we take the sun for granted.

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How To Throw A Home Tailgating Party

Summer may be hot, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune on your electricity bill. Get outside, enjoy the last of these Summer evenings, and give all your energy-hogging appliances a rest. Catch up with the family, and even start thinking about what you need for back to school.

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5 Energy Savings Tips for Swimming Pools

Owning your own swimming pool is a great addition to any home, but it can definitely be pricey to maintain. After years of pool hopping during the summer, we decided to put in a swimming pool at our house. We figured it would be great exercise for the kids, a great way to keep cool all summer and we are always entertaining friends. Although it’s an expensive investment, there are ways you can prevent a huge spike in your energy consumption and bills when owning a pool. These 5 Energy Savings Tips for Swimming Pools will help you cut back spending while enjoying your pool.

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Charcoal Grilled BBQ Chicken Breast Recipe

When you grill you can make your whole meal in one place. Cook the meat, veggies and desserts at one time. That means less clean-up, again saving you time and cutting down on energy costs.
While the grill is still hot, we also make s’mores. We’re spending family time outside, enjoying ourselves, so the A/C and the fans are turned off inside.

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6 Ways to Effectively Trim Your Home Energy Bill (Before You Leave Your House For the Day)

One of our family’s favorite ways to save on energy on the very hottest of days, is to leave the house. We love to go get wet at a local splash pad, stomp through a creek or enjoy an indoor activity in a local already air-conditioned facility. Before we leave for these outings, we make sure to do these six energy-saving ideas first.

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Why We Love Baking with our Toaster Oven in the Summer – Energy Efficient and Easy to Use

Does anyone remember Easy Bake ovens? It’s the same idea. I love the size of a toaster oven, it’s small enough for the kids to use independently and it gets the job done. Also, since our toaster oven sits at a counter level, it’s easy for Claire to use without much help from me. Plus, she can easily see her cookies through the glass.

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Bedroom Deck Makeover Using Energy Efficient Solar Lighting

We knew that there were three major things to take into consideration when it came to illuminating our deck:

1. We wanted to choose an energy efficient light source for all deck lighting to save some money on our electric bill. (Here are some great ideas for creating unplugged nights of your own!)

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