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Spring Cleaning


The remaining snow from Snowpocalypse has finally melted and spring is in the air! Now that the weather is getting warmer, it’s time to open the windows, get rid of the clothes that have been collecting dust in your closet for the past year, break out the mop and start cleaning!

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Your Daily Spring Cleaning Challenge

A great way to keep your blades clean is to use a microfiber duster with extendable handles. This allows you to efficiently clean your blades without having to climb up a ladder PLUS, it is a great job for your tweens and teens to help out with.

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Spring Into Action With This Spring Cleaning Checklist

In our house, “Spring Cleaning 2016” went a little something like this: I tackle the living room and bedrooms while my hubby works hard on the bathroom, garage and landscaping (that’s some of his handiwork above). How you divide up the work in your home is up to you, but remember this: a good cleaning can actually save electricity (and money) in the long run.

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5 Green Spring Cleaning Tips for Earth Day

It’s April, friends. I am pretty sure we have a lying groundhog somewhere in this state. Regardless, I am on a major spring cleaning kick and we’re doing a bunch of things, big and small, to not only spruce up our home but also make it more comfortable and energy efficient.

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How to Landscape Without Breaking the Bank

With Spring right around the corner, many of us are thinking about Spring Cleaning- both inside the house and out. Whether you want to spruce things up or save on energy bills, check out the Landscaping Tips to Save Money. Are you planning on landscaping this year? I was shocked to find out that proper landscaping can reduce household bills. A well designed landscape will pay for itself in less than 8 years.

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Landscaping to Lower Your Energy Bill

If you’re creating a landscape plan with the intent of affecting your energy usage, be sure to consider the unique aspects that make up the “microclimate” of your property. The microclimate includes the area immediately surrounding your home, and it might include elevation, nearby bodies of water, and other factors that can affect humidity, moisture, soil, and temperature. All have the potential to help or hinder the growth of some plants, and they may contribute to long-term problems you may not foresee.

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The Perfect Checklist For This Years Spring Cleaning

Along with maximizing the energy efficiency of your house, you’re likely going to want to give it a deep clean too! Use my own spring cleaning checklist to help you prepare for spring and summer!

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Get Ready for Spring with Natural and Energy Efficient Cleaning Tips

It’s finally spring! That means it’s time for tulips and daffodils, baseball and spring cleaning. It’s time to throw open the windows and remove the winter dust and dirt from your home.

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Earth Day Activities That’ll Save Your Family Energy

With Earth Day approaching, I was challenged to see how I could increase my energy savings while doing some Spring cleaning. At first I thought, what more can I possibly do? I have a programmable thermostat, I use LED bulbs, I run my appliances at low-peak times.

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Cleaning After a Renovation

ALWAYS keep up with changing out your air filter! That’s an easy and affordable way to lower your cooling system’s energy use by up to 15%. Maintaining your HVAC system truly does pay for itself in the long run with lower monthly electric bills!

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