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5 Easy Tips for Making Your Kitchen More Energy-efficient


In all my years, I’ve never spent a winter at home. I’ve always worked full-time, and we’ve always had a pretty steady electric bill. But now that I’m home all day with 2 kids, WOW. The electric bill is all over the place! (…and not in a good way.)

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How to Microwave Your Way to Energy Savings


A few weeks ago, I talked about my dreams of becoming Amish and how it would help me save money on my electric bill. I’m sorry to say that I’m not closer to becoming Amish. In fact, I’m farther away. Last week, my mother gave me an early Christmas gift – a gorgeous KitchenAid Professional 600 Series mixer. I guess it can help me make some delicious Amish-style baked goods, but it runs on electricity, so…yeah.

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Easy Homemade Gifts


Are you a mom or dad who loves to make easy homemade gifts for your kids teachers, the mail carrier, and loved ones? Lots of us have been in the kitchen the past few weeks baking for the holidays but did you know that all that heat to make those cookies require a lot of electricity? In fact, the average kitchen accounts for 15 % of your energy consumption. Using smaller appliances instead of your oven can help you lower your energy consumption and costs since your toaster oven and microwave are smaller so they tend to heat up faster and use less energy.

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I think I spend half of my life in the kitchen. It seems like I’m always cooking a meal or cleaning one up and even when it’s not time to eat we often hang out here and I work in my kitchen, too. It’s a real hub of activity so it doesn’t surprise me to learn that the average kitchen accounts for about 15% of your total home’s energy use. Your stove, oven, and refrigerator are large appliances that require a lot of energy. And I don’t know about you but my dishwasher is pretty heavily used, too! I have some really simple tips here for you to help you cut back on your energy usage in the kitchen, also cutting back your energy bill. Sounds good to me!

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I’ve been working with the PPL Project Envolve team for several months now and have learned so much about easy ways to save on energy costs. This month our mission was to visit the Da Vinci Science Center in Allentown, PA. I’m sort of from that neck of the woods so it was fun to go back. This place wasn’t there when I was growing up and we had the best time exploring and learning!

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Family Fun at the Da Vinci Science Center


I love taking day trips with my family and any time I can sneak in some learning on the trip then it is even better. I was thrilled to be asked to visit the Da Vinci Science Center in Allentown on behalf of Project Envolve and headed there recently with my family and some friends.

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Fun (and Learning!) at the Da Vinci Science Center


Ever since I’ve become a part of the Project Evolve team, my energy-saving IQ has skyrocketed from somewhere around 12 to, well, way more than 12. And the higher my IQ gets, the lower my energy bill gets, which is fine by me!

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Save Money By Grilling + Delicious Grilled Ginger Lime Shrimp Recipe


It’s summertime! This has to be my favorite time of year for obvious reasons: no real schedule, the beach, warm weather and no bulky coats, and oh yes, the summer food! Our family loves to grill out all summer long. Really we grill year-round but definitely more so when the weather is nice. I knew that grilling saved me from doing dishes (three cheers!) but I didn’t really realize how energy-efficient grilling is. If you need some inspiration to get outside and grill, check out how cooking this way can save you energy AND money!

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Grilling and Energy Efficiency at Home


It has finally getting warmer here in the Northeast and after what seemed like the coldest, longest winter it feel great! It has definitely made me dream of cooking on the grill! To me nothing tastes as great as food that has been cooked on a grill. Everything is so juicy and meats get so tender when marinaded….mmm, my mouth is watering just thinking about it! I plan on grilling outside until the snow forces me back in!

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