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Kill Vampire Electronics and Lower Your Electric Bill


I have a pretty fantastic announcement to make. Since becoming a #ProjectEnvolve Ambassador in December, I’ve been making is my mission to lower our electric bill. Every month. I was a little worried this month since it’s been so cold and we’ve spent so much time inside (too much TV, baking, etc…) but our bill arrived 3 days ago and, YES! We’ve officially gone down another $10!

We’re down below $100!
But I’m not done yet…

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6 Ways to Lower Electric Bills


With 5 kids I am always looking for ways to save money and cut my expenses, especially when it comes to my utility bills. I am always walking around the house turning off lights that the kids have left on and trying to run the appliances at non-peak hours, but I had never really given any thought to what “vampire” devices were doing to my bill–until recently that is!

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Get a Home Energy Audit and Get Some Money Saving Tips


This winter has seem like it is never ending and it has been hard on everyone and let’s be honest, hard on the budget as well. Many of us have seen increases in our energy usage, which has in turn caused increases in our Electric Bill and other heating costs. I recently was able to take part in a Home Energy Audit through PPL Electric and this audit pointed out some easy ways to lower my energy consumption and gave me some easy, money saving tips. Stan Kuhn from Energy Auditors came to my home and did a top to bottom, basement to attic assessment of my energy consumption. He was very though, very professional and took the time to explain everything that he was testing as he was doing it.

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What I Learned About Saving Money From a Home Energy Audit.


I’ve been teamed up with PPL Electric Utilities and Project Envolve for several months now and have learned so much about simple ways to save on energy costs. You can check out my past posts here to get some tips for yourself! This month we took on Mission 5, a home energy audit! This was the most exciting and educational mission for me. I really was totally unfamiliar with a home energy audit, what it entailed and what you’d learn about saving money on utility bills. So I’m really excited to share this info with you!

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I’ve been a part of many campaigns in my 3 years of blogging. Many get-togethers, invitations to special events, contractors working on our house, etc. But I believe I have found my favorite experience yet!!

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How low can you go? Our Home Energy Audit


It’s #ProjectEnvolve time again! I can’t believe it’s time for Mission 5 already. As usual, we’re still talking about ways to cut energy usage each month and reduce your electric bill. But this month, all I had to do was sit back, relax and let the PE team take care of the heavy lifting! They sent a building analyst over to my house to do a Home Energy Audit. You might be wondering what that is (I didn’t know either…)

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In a Deep Freeze? Weatherproof your Home in 10 Easy Steps!


I never heard the term polar vortex until a few weeks ago. If you live in the northeast or anywhere around the great lakes, you are probably very familiar with the term now as well. In layman’s terms a polar vortex is a big cold front that moves down into the US from Canada, causing extremely low temperatures – so low that you might feel like you up and moved to Antarctica, Ok, so maybe I embellish a bit. But it is freeeeezing!

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Easy ways to lower your winter energy bill


Yeah, I changed the words. Have you been outside lately? It’s freezing! And I’m not happy to report that it’s *kind of* freezing in some parts of my house, too. Just look at my front door! That ice is on the inside!

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The Poor Man’s Ricepack

sock ri ce

Curious? That is what I call my “poor man’s ricepack”. I used to make cute ricepacks, but then I would “burn them out”. You see, I like ricepacks HOT and in trying to make them hotter and hotter, the rice would eventually burn and the whole house smells like burnt rice. So I gave up on making cute ones and now my ricepack is simple. Grab a clean white tube sock, fil with rice, knot the top. DONE. They are so easy my husband even knows how to make them for me now. He only puts up with the ricepack-making and burnt rice smell sometimes in the hosue because he can keep the heat down an extra 2 degrees in the winter. Worth it? You will have to ask him, but all I can say is that he is a saint.

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