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Easy Ways To Keep Your House Cool without Air Conditioning

Megan NEPA Mom Easy Ways To Keep Your House Cool without Air Conditioning Resized

Our house has lots of charm but one thing it doesn’t have is air conditioning and I know from personal experience that hot summers without AC aren’t fun, but after living here for years there are some easy ways that we cool off all summer long.

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Save Energy with your Holiday Lights!


The approaching new year has me thinking about positive change. I’m welcoming new ideas, for sure, but also revisiting those things that are important to our family and strengthening our resolve to do better in 2014. Eating habits, exercise, living a little more consciously. We could use a brush up on all of those things. And now, as a Project Envolve Ambassador, I’m going to do just that with a REcommitment to saving energy every day!

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We all know you can save energy by shutting the lights off when you leave the room. But what about all the things we leave plugged in all the time? I am totally guilty of this and in an effort to reduce my energy bill, I went on a mission to figure out just what kind of juice my favorite appliance was sucking down: my laptop. Let’s see what I learned!

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Grilling Up Summer Meals…and Energy Savings!


If it were up to my husband (he’s the “grill master” in our house), he’d grill all year round. Actually, he does. Oh sure, we grill more often in the summer – at least once a week, and sometimes two or three times – but he’s also been known to shovel a path through the snow to fire up the grill in the middle of January.

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September is National Preparedness Month. Does your family have a plan should disaster strike? FEMA reports that thousands of people are affected by disasters each year. Right here in my small town in Pennsylvania we had a tropical storm come through a few years ago that flooded tons of homes. It was a horrible. And a real eye-opener. You just never know.

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My Emergency Kit Contents…


Spring is here and that means that we may have some wild weather in our forecasts in the next few months. From thunder and lighting to tornado watches to flash flooding and more thousands of people are affected by disasters each year. If your hometown was hit by bad weather or power outages would you be prepared? Do you have an emergency kit in place? Are you prepared for any emergency?

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What I Learned About Saving Money From a Home Energy Audit.


I’ve been teamed up with PPL Electric Utilities and Project Envolve for several months now and have learned so much about simple ways to save on energy costs. You can check out my past posts here to get some tips for yourself! This month we took on Mission 5, a home energy audit! This was the most exciting and educational mission for me. I really was totally unfamiliar with a home energy audit, what it entailed and what you’d learn about saving money on utility bills. So I’m really excited to share this info with you!

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