Stories about Unconventional cooking



I think I spend half of my life in the kitchen. It seems like I’m always cooking a meal or cleaning one up and even when it’s not time to eat we often hang out here and I work in my kitchen, too. It’s a real hub of activity so it doesn’t surprise me to learn that the average kitchen accounts for about 15% of your total home’s energy use. Your stove, oven, and refrigerator are large appliances that require a lot of energy. And I don’t know about you but my dishwasher is pretty heavily used, too! I have some really simple tips here for you to help you cut back on your energy usage in the kitchen, also cutting back your energy bill. Sounds good to me!

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Microwave Meal: Pesto Pasta & Grilled Vegetables + Brownies


This month we’re chatting about unconventional cooking methods and how they can save you from slaving in a hot kitchen, plus tamp down your electricity usage and save you some dough. Did you know that your kitchen accounts for 15% of your home’s energy usage? That’s a lot, and most of it comes from food prep.

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Pulled Pork Recipe: Slow Cooker


One ways is I love using my slow cooker during the summer! Many people think that a slow cooker is only good during the winter but it is also a great tool in your summer cooking arsenal. It doesn’t take a lot of effort, it is energy efficient, it doesn’t make your house too hot and it is a great option for when you are out at the pool or the lake all day and you want winner ready when you get home!

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Cool kitchen challenge: Slow cooker baked beans


When my mom stopped by this afternoon, my daughter was in her high chair eating her current favorite food: baked beans. Despite their being one of our go-to summer side dishes and a sure bet every time with the kids, I don’t make them often – mainly because baking a bean pot in the oven for hours does bad things to the temperature in my house on a hot day, as well as my electric bill.

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One day, one microwave, four meals.


About a week ago, I woke up in the middle of the night and had an epiphany. For one entire day, I was going to cook all of our family’s meals in the microwave. Breakfast, lunch, dinner AND dessert. Yes, these are the things I wake up in the middle of the night thinking about. Please don’t judge me.

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Grilled Chicken Cobb Salad


This grilled chicken cobb salad with marinated veggies has a secret… it isn’t actually made on a grill!! What??

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